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Psych-Hub Psychic TXT & SMS Message Service

Psych-Hub has the worlds premium SMS, TXT messaging service. If you are in the mood for just a quick message our psychics will answer within minutes.

What you get is a real psychic or clairvoyant answer. Ask a question within 100 words and we guarantee you a real response. No scripted or automated answers will be given it will be 100% a real answer.

People often TXT or message because either they can not afford a telephone session or simply they are shy. Many also prefer this service as it is quick easy and fun. Many think South Africa is somewhat a backward country with little or no technology infrastructure or local businesses providing high-end tech solutions. Our SMS platform has been created within South Africa and is 100% owned and created here.

How Do I Know These TXT and Messages Are Not Fake

The answer is simple, simply ring up and speak to the psychic who responded to your message. This will be a premium billed call but it is a real clairvoyant with super powerful abilities replying to your message. This is a real service and we have tried incredibly hard to make it awesome. It is genuine and we look forward to receiving your call or TXT today.

What Many South African People Txt Us About

We receive thousands of txt’s from South African’s all year around. Some of the most common subjects asked or messaged to us are about:

  • Finance
  • Love
  • Work
  • Passed ones

Regardless of what your question is as long as it is not an illegal question we will be happy to prove our powerful abilities and reply. Many people who use our messaging service are so impressed that they end up giving Psych-Hub South Africa a call.

There are some things our psychics who will text you back simply can’t see. Like the exact numbers for tomorrow’s lotto. However, we guarantee all our employees have great powers and have been put through real testing from our business before they have been employed as a psychic by Psych-Hub.

How does it work?

1. Pick up your phone and text our number

2. You will receive a reply

3. Ask your question

4. Then receive your answer

We bill all messages regardless of length and our system will not accept any TXt over 100 characters. Many may ask for more than one message when using the service.


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