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A. No, it is almost impossible for a psychic to give exact details like this. Unless the great open source has directly given them these numbers they simply can not extract the exact information. The information given to clairvoyants is not broad but does contain a lot of detail.

A. This is a great question, however, there are some limitations around this. We can not advise any illegal acts or give medical advice. Apart from those two points, you are welcomed to talk about whatever it is that is troubling you.

A. A phone psychic session at Psych-Hub can be as short or as long as you would like. If your session is likely to run longer than 1 hour please advise the reader prior. Sometimes our healers may have a pre-booked session and we want you to be able to get what you need. Without cutting the call off early.

A. We want to hear about this. It is important to Psych-Hub to gain the public trust and promote honest and real supernatural healers all across the world. Our reputation means everything to us. We will fix this problem swiftly and guarantee 100% user satisfaction.

A. No, we do not refund money. The emphasis is on you to inform the reader early on in the reading if you are not happy. Generally, a client healer mismatch will be apparent in the first few minutes of the call.

A. Unfortunately, the laws in South Africa prohibit Psych-Hub to accept payment this way. We offer an instant messaging platform in which you may use pay pal if you do not own a credit. We apologize for this and as a business, it is our goal to make real psychics available to everyone.


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