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R/275 for 10 minutes

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You must be over 18 and have the bill payers permission to use this service. All calls are recorded and are for entertainment purposes only. SP: Allstar Psychics Limited. Helpdesk - info@allstarpsychics.co.uk

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Phone Psychic Reading South Africa Psych-Hub

Psych-Hub South Africa is a genuine phone psychic readings business. With highly skilled powerful clairvoyants, mediums, tarot card healers. Every staff member who operates as a spiritual guide has had their gifts and powers rigorously tested by us before employment. Phone psychics are a new trend and are now the most powerful self-healing service one can access in South Africa.
If you are feeling lost or lonely a phone psychic can be there to help every day of the week. To get the most from your clairvoyant reading you need to understand that the spiritual journey is not a quick fix, often healing can take weeks or months.
Healing from a past life can take time and a lot of hard work, our dedicated mediums, clairvoyants, crystal ball gazers are here to help and more importantly want to help however they can. From starting the conversation to digging into deeper, more meaningful conversations it is the job of our psychics to hold your hand and make spiritual healing possible.

Clairvoyant Telephone Readers With Natural Abilities

Do you believe in the supernatural? Our powerful healers will be here every step of the way to help in whatever way we can. Clairvoyance is a process in which a gifted psychic looks into the future present and past and helps you make an informed decision on the problem you have sought help for. Mostly they give you as much information as possible so you are able to make the right decision concerning your life. Always feel free to call our lines and get advice whenever you feel the need. Our live telephone operators are open live 24/7.

How To Use Our Service:

  • Click on our reader’s page.
  • Select the psychic’s profile you would like to receive a reading from.
  • Read their profile thoroughly.
  • Remember or write down their code.
  • Find a quiet spot that you can relax, open up and receive powerful healing advise.

Choose a Pre-Paid Minute Psychic Value Pack

  • 10mins = R/275
  • 20mins = R/550
  • 30mins = R/800
  • 45mins = R/1200
  • 60mins = R/1600

“Excellent Value”

How to Get Connected to a Clairvoyant
Step 1: Choose an available Psychic from the Menu or Live Feed.
Step 2: Call 087 250 3165 and follow the voice prompts.
Step 3: Choose a Pre-Paid Minute value pack with your valid credit Card (all major cards accepted).
Step 4: Once payment accepted you will be connected to the Psych Hub Psychic of your choice.

Not all of your spiritual healers advise will come true in one day. Please allow time for a great supernatural miracle to manifest in your life.

Credit Card Billing:

We accept all major credit cards available in South Africa. You must have the credit cards biller permission to use our service. At the beginning of every conversation, you will be asked for credit card details and confirmation that you are the cardholder or have the cardholders permission.

Phone Psychic Readings South Africa

Call psych-hub now for the most amazing phone readings live in South African. We are the premium service worldwide and are nowhere to guarantee you nothing but the best service worldwide. Our powerful fortune tellers are here to help however they can a spiritual awakening is guaranteed. A clairvoyant will be able to see everything your not saying so we recommend honesty and transparency to help you the client get great value for money. We will always endeavor to give you accurate powerful information that makes sense.
Our Team

South African Telephone Psychics & Tarot Card Reading 

Enjoy the experience of psych-hub South Africa we have over time built the best reputation in the industry in the spiritual healing world and we are now proud to announce a new office opened in Durban. Our clairvoyants are all world class and 100% verified as international supernatural experts.

What Our Readers Say:

“Emily is the most caring phone psychic”.

“Peter has amazing abilities and was 100% accurate”.

“Rose is the most beautiful psychic around”.

“Emily amazingly powerful”.


Call 087 250 3165